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@aliki123 (122)
May 2, 2011 2:45pm CST
I would like ideas for quick and healthy chocolate desserts just give me some links to some delicious chocolate recipe that you had tried or write down your own.Any answer is appreciated .My niece love chocolates and she will live with me for a few days so I want to make special and healthy desserts for her.
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@drasnian (548)
6 May 11
How old is your niece? Kids up to about 10 (ish) love making chocolate krispie or cornflake cakes because they're fun, messy, and taste nice. They're quick and easy to do, I found a link here: I also found a no-bake chocolate dessert recipe, which is very definitely NOT healthy, but should taste good: There's absolutely tonnes on the bbc if you go to Food and type chocolate in the recipe search. also has plenty (and I'm sure any chocolate will do, Cadbury's or not!) has a selection of healthy chocolate recipes too. Hope these helped, have a great time with your niece!
@aliki123 (122)
• Greece
9 May 11
She's eight thanks for the links I will look and try them!