November 19, 2006 1:17pm CST
Please give me some advice, how to getting some free ebooks from internet.
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• India
5 May 07
if you have an orkut account, you can search for communities on orkut for free ebooks. In those communities you will have to search for the forums where you could find links to websites having free e-books. If you do not have an orkut account, you can ask any one of your friend having an orkut account to send you an invite. If you do not have any such friend, you can let me know, i will send you an invitation.
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@yadav8797 (1211)
• India
1 Nov 08
hi basor, i like the information you are sharing over there.friend, can you tell me that from where i will get the books of professional courses like ENGINEERING,MBA,M.TECH etc.which software i have to downloaded for that type of books??can the books be downloaded without the software used??if this is possible then tell me how this can happen?? happy mylotting
• Philippines
17 Jun 08
try this http://www.desktopbandit.com
@dimaks (786)
• Japan
13 Aug 07
i don't recommend you to go to P2P search engines and find e-books. I recently found this http://www.bookyards.com/index.html that provides free e-books for you to download. Enjoy!
• Malaysia
13 Aug 07
Hmm..you can try http://ebookscafe.2ya.com
@ucl800 (860)
• Greece
8 May 07
Go to http://etricks.wordpress.com/free-downloads/
@Hgateway (204)
• United States
7 May 07
Try this, tons to download. http://www.info-for.com/117XmasGifts.htm Good luck!
@desideria (371)
• Romania
19 Nov 06
you can install DC++ and search over there. i found a lot of ebooks
@loca83 (89)
• Australia
19 Nov 06
search for ebook on limewire or any other search software. what type of ebook?