Does your best friend say all his secrets to you?

May 3, 2011 2:50pm CST
I say many secrets to my good friends but some secrets I wont.Do you say all your secrets to your friend.
5 responses
@gelayagui98 (1336)
• Australia
4 May 11
We always say best friend knows all our secrets, but I, myself for example don't confides all my secret to my best friend, because my best friend is just human - who also committed mistakes in life. Even though our friendship was tested by years now. If we know that it is really a secret that should be remained secret it need not necessary to share it to our friend, we should maintained a so called privacy in ourselves.
• India
4 May 11
Yup i do tell all of my secrets to my friends. Whenever you are in trouble or need help it would be great to have a company. Moreover whenever you are happy there should be someone with us to share our happiness. That will help. So i think sharing secrets do help.
@grace24 (1050)
• Philippines
4 May 11
Not all but I know most of her secrets because she tell me that. There's a secret that should remain as secret and not to be told at all.
@efnaser (30)
• Indonesia
4 May 11
No, I don't tell all my secrets to my best friend either. But at least he knows me more then another friends, because a best friend is a friend to share.
• India
3 May 11
I share most of my secrets with my best friend, however I prefer keeping some secrets to my self, and believe that it would be better If i dont share those secrets with my best friends. And its not necessary to share all yewr secrets with yewr best friend, and am sure even yewr best friend will understand.