Drinking milk is good or bad..??

@anto86 (348)
September 2, 2006 11:58am CST
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@browneyes (395)
• United States
3 Sep 06
I believe bad.. If you think about it. I believe humans are the only mammals that drink mild after we are weind..
• Australia
3 Sep 06
i believe that its good. Ive been drinking 2 glasses of milk a day since i could remember. 1 in the morning and 1 at night and it has done nothing bad 2 me
@deitzy (381)
• United States
3 Sep 06
i say its good in moderation
@sedel1027 (17858)
• Cupertino, California
3 Sep 06
Bad because of all the growth hormones they give cows and extra fat they add to the diet. You can get your vitamin D from the sun and calcium from other places like vegetables and fortified foods.
@tickedoff (672)
• United States
2 Sep 06
it's good for you because of the vitamin D & the calcium you get from milk. it keeps you teeth, hair, and nails strong.