Buried (2010) meaningful or just waste time?

@phoyin (40)
Hong Kong
May 5, 2011 9:44pm CST
It's a story about a U.S. contractor who working in Iraq and found himself buried alive inside a coffin. what is the message of the movie? did it worth to watch?
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@UmiNoor (4427)
• Malaysia
31 Oct 11
I thought that this is one of the most brilliant movies I have ever watched. Low in budget obviously since there's only one scene throughout the movie. But the movie manages to bring out some anger in you like when the company tries to cushion its financial responsibility by firing Ryan Reynolds' character. Also the fact that the US government will not negotiate with terrorist. I think if you're an American, you would think twice about traveling outside of your country lest you become the target of kidnappers. And you would probably feel very angry with Arabs too. Or perhaps, you might blame the US government for starting a war with Iraq in the first place. A movie with one scene but many perceptions are able to be construed from that single scene. That I think is what makes Buried a brilliant movie. You have to use your imagination more actively when watching this movie. It's not a movie to be watched mindlessly.
@didi13 (2926)
• Romania
8 May 11
"Buried" as you were hit with a minimalist decor, a very compelling scenario and a performance of Ryan Reynolds's very, very good. I read about this film more positive opinions (on special festivals has been well received by critics), not that it matters very much! For quite often, the experts said was a partial or total antithesis of feeling / sensation enjoyed by me. Finally, returning to the film even was a delight. Simplistic but all the action revealed a vibrant beauty, brilliant. To see what it means to have a little vision to see "outside the box" ... To "Uncle" Rodrigo Cort├ęs, hats off! For the rest of you, watch it!