how can I do on mylot

May 6, 2011 3:05am CST
I come from another country --China, so I do not know what can I do on this website. so I hope everybody can give me some advise? think you very much.
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@owlwings (43972)
• Cambridge, England
6 May 11
First, nearly all that you need to know about MyLot is answered somewhere in the FAQs: I'd advise starting with the Earnings section which will give you a lot of valuable advice on how to earn and how it all works. Next, it is important to read the Guidelines: so that you understand what a discussion is and the things we should not do here (anything which is against the Guidelines will be deleted and you won't earn anything for that!) MyLot rewards QUALITY participation. It doesn't pay 'per post', still less any set amount per post. Be as descriptive as you can and write about topics which interest you and make sure that you contribute the most you can to any discussion.