Rough Time--Making a Living Writing

@Arkine (216)
United States
May 6, 2011 3:10pm CST
I've been having a pretty rough time with making a living as a writer. Mainly, it's because writing does take a lot of time, and when you are relying on it to put food on the table ... well, getting sick for even a few days can be devistating. Even though I've been trying to write articles, posting on paid-to-post websites, and whatever else I can think of, it's still only making me pennies per hour. Is it just that I don't write/type as fast as some other article writers? Or perhaps I'm just too picky about the articles that I'm trying to write, by that I mean, do I spend too much time researching the facts? Anyone have any tips on how to bring in more writing income?
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6 May 11
I have a similar problem in that I take a long time to write good content. When I started, I had the same dilemma as you, until I realised that most of the low-paying employers don't actually care about quality: they just want content they can throw on their site. If you're being underpaid, you could lower your output quality. Alternatively, don't accept lower pay: there are fewer jobs with decent pay but they do exist and can be very worthwhile. US- and UK-based writers simply can't afford to do $1 articles (unless they have tons of other income and just want to write for fun). Do you 'network' on Twitter, blogs and so on? It doesn't take long to make some good friends and contacts - I've picked up a book-editing job through my blog and several offers of decently-paid article writing from people on Twitter. I've also sent work that I don't have time (or the knowledge) for in the direction of people I know. It's a neat way to stay connected to the grapevine.
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@GoldenAsh (290)
• United States
29 May 11
Hello, Arkine its nice to meet you. You are absolutely right. It is not easy to become a freelance writer and it is also true that you do not get rich overnight by writing articles. Moreover, writing article is a tough job. But I believe that although it is difficult in the beginning to make money online by writing articles. but with the passage of time, it becomes easier when we master the tips and tricks of the trade. You should not loose hope and continue with writing articles. I also recommend that if you have to provide for yourself and your family it would be better if you look for some offline job or invest some time in making money online oppportunities other than writing.
@CRIVAS (1815)
• Canada
7 May 11
There are a lot of ways to earn a living writing and some of them you are already doing. You can also try looking up freelance writing jobs online, there are a lot of companies looking for writers. Another thing that you can do is buy a book from your local bookstore on different publishing companies. These books tell you what kinds of stories the publisher is looking for and it will allow you to apply to a few different places for work. I hope that you find something. As a fellow writer, I know what you are going through, just stay strong and be persistant. Good luck.
@LaDeBoheme (2004)
• United States
7 May 11
Just because you write it, doesn't necessarily mean it will sell. Writing is a skill, a talent, and only excellent writers can make a living in a highly competitive field. I don't believe in sacrificing quality for quantity, but that's up to the individual. Quantity = pennies. Quality = dollars. Many of the 'writing' sites offer only pennies because much of the user-submitted content is crap. Anyone can write words, but not everyone can be a writer. If you are serious about writing, listen to kenzie45230. Go for the bigger, serious markets that will pay for good work and your time.
@AdalieM (1134)
• United States
6 May 11
I see that you are from the States. You should try textbroker, lots of members make more than 1000 dollars per month. The site is legit. You will have to send them a sample of your writing, depending on your level they will determine how much you get paid. Once you start to get direct orders, you will get to set your price.
@mohdromly (165)
• Malaysia
7 May 11
Writing is a give and awards.Respect it.
@kenzie45230 (3560)
• United States
6 May 11
It amazes me that people write for pennies. If you're serious about earning a living as a writer, then join some writer's groups - online and in your area - and find out where the real jobs are and how much they pay. Or go to the library and check out the latest Writer's Market (or buy one at Amazon). When I was a single mom, I was a member of a Yahoo group called "mom writers." Most of them were stay-at-home moms who wrote in their spare time. And most earned at least $12,000 per year. At the time, as I said, I was a single mom. I worked, did home schooling with my one son and wrote something every day and submitted my writings to magazines and web sites that pay real money. For me, my writing earned about $4,000 per year and when added to my job, I was thrilled. The last article I sold was a few years ago (because with my disability I'm not really able to meet deadlines like I once did) - and that was for $200. If you want to be a writer, you owe it to yourself to find the real markets. (And you owe it to all writers to NOT accept pennies for your work!!!)
@johnpillai (2082)
• Germany
6 May 11
So you are native english. then what is your problem. I also like to earn from writing. my problem is English. Just write and write. I was also an article writer. at early stage I wrote short articles for triond. they were only 100 words length. but they took hours to be prepared. but now I am able to write, which are longer than 4oo words without preparations. But I seldom write. I am able to understand your position. because i am also in that position. I love to be a writer and now I am doing self publishing offline.