why parents need boy not girls ?

May 9, 2011 2:26pm CST
hello friends. Most of the people need boy child and they check by ultrasound if the child is then the adopt it but if she is gal then they do abortion why ?? tell me
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@gyani1978 (147)
• India
10 May 11
Why the people not understand that girls are the Lakshmi so why they do like this. I have a daughter of 5 years old, but not planning for other child, I am happy with my daughter and wife. I have a small family and happy family.
10 May 11
yes bro you are right girls are the LAKSHMI even goddess like DURGA MA and all are female.And say hi to your cute child
@jaiho2009 (39183)
• Philippines
9 May 11
Most of the people? I don't know about other country or places. But here in our place/country gender is not a big deal. We don't have any gender issues here so...this kind of thinking is not applicable somehow. I am a girl and i am the eldest of 4 siblings..thanks God i was born here,if not..then i might be one of those aborted girl babies anyway...welcome to mylot
10 May 11
well thanks miss and this will happen mostly in India
@raisushkr (1399)
• India
10 May 11
Ya thats the mentality of many ppl. they pray for a boy child . But that kind of thinking needs to be changed. as for me both are equals.