mothers day

May 10, 2011 10:01am CST
What gift u got from ur son or daughter for mothers day? I got a cute teddy bear and lot of kisses from daughter and sweet son
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• Denmark
10 May 11
I'm not a Mother, but I'm a Son. I hope that's okay. We (together with my two brothers) gave our Mother a Café Brunch for two, for Mother's Day 2011.
• India
10 May 11
so sweet ur mom was very happy in that minute, its a mother thing i know that. keep ur mom happy
• United States
10 May 11
I am not a mother but a great daughter to a wonderful mother. I bought my mother a manicure and pedicure gift certificate and i did this because we are leaving on a vacation in 12 days and thought that she might want to get her nails done before leaving on a weeks vacation. My Brother got my mom a necklace with a beautiful chain on it that is diamonds and a saphire and a bouquet of flowers. My Mom also got stuff from my dad. Three jewlery items that are gorgeous and wonderful and i cant wait to wear them one day. We also went out to a japense steak house for dinner with 9 other family members. It was great and we all had a wonderful time.