I had no idea that love could hurt so much

May 11, 2011 12:44pm CST
I met this guy who seemed to be just perfect...and I said finally he is the one that I expected...he was so sweet and kind. but in the end he was the one who hurt my feelings more than I could ever imagine. but I still can't forget him...
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@luckycat (220)
• Bolivia
12 May 11
Hi,there! I'm so sorry to hear that. But you know,things happen this way.You think he's your MR.right. You think you two can work everything out just because you love each other. But as time goes by, things just changes~~~ ANYWAY, what i am trying to say is ALL HIS behavior show his is one the real right one for you.you deserve a better one!!
• United States
11 May 11
He's gone, u have to move on, falselove is everywhere true love is hard to find. Don't let that pull you down, and you have to be careful next time, it happen to me some years back, it really affect me, but now i'll advise you to let go of him in your thinking,because thinking of him will bring nothing but sadness.move on, life continues
@nitty66 (207)
• Singapore
11 May 11
Hi dear, Just think he is not worth for you. You have a sincere heart and you will find a loving guy !
@NicoZieg (591)
• Denmark
11 May 11
I know how your feelings are right now. 6 months ago I thought I met the perfect girl in my life. I wasn't wrong, because she was really the girl of my dream. But she chose to drop me, by going with another guy. I thought we had something, but it was just a dream. I couldn't get her out of my mind the next 3-4 months, but now I have realized, that she just wasn't that worth.
@sender621 (14932)
• United States
11 May 11
I don't think thatwe reaalize what power love really has until we are faced with it., Love has the power to push and pull us in in so many different ways. It can bring joy, pain, happiness or sorrow. love is all consuming.
@jaspal941 (107)
11 May 11
hi swissheart!! Miss mostly this will happen that we loves a person but he not. So don't get tensed and be happy because you know about him before you fall in love with him. And shame on that guy who hurt a girl like you. There is too many good guys in the world so search for you true love, don't search for them who hurt you. And we can't forget who is so sweet and kind. Because our heart is fall in love with him and me too have a problem like it. so be happy and search for another true love.