Earn by comic strips

May 11, 2011 2:55pm CST
My friend want to earn money from a comic strips. Can you tell some idea.... I know we can do it with website and blog bt he wants to sell them or want to work for the online magazine where he can publish comic strips everyday and get an earning. Thanx
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@aliki123 (122)
• Greece
11 May 11
Instead of going online and selling comic stripes tell him to go on a magazine or newspaper he will have better earnings and a real job.Is quite hard to be accepted in an online magazine is easier to get accepted in a simple magazine. I would not suggest blog or website I would suggest the amazon seller program or ebay.Tell him to make a nice comic book in a printing service,take a few nice pictures with a nice summary and sell them online.Ebay rules ,in this way you can sell with minimum costs,see how much you can sell and you are also protected if you do not sell.If he is really good he good try to sell on amazon!
• India
11 May 11
Thanx for this info.This is really helpful bt need some more about this.
@yoniarnon (1079)
• Israel
11 May 11
I think he need to be very good if he really wanna earn money from that.. I know one site that he can talk to send him to: "gocomics" find the connect us and send them the comics, good luck
• India
11 May 11
Thanx for sharing the useful info....
@o0jopak0o (6394)
• Philippines
12 May 11
Well a good example is cyanide and happiness. This is a internet only comics that is really popular now in the internet. They started with nothing but because of good content/comics they are not very successful.
@Achaiah (34)
• Mexico
11 May 11
I agree with previus post, if he's good enuff, he should have no problem placeing its comics, also its a good idea, i did that with a "modding handbook" a few years back and it was a good seller, theres always someone interested on anything we have. he should try make its own comic and see how it goes, it woud also be useful as a reference of his work