where you promote your referral link?

May 12, 2011 10:26am CST
Generaly I use Adhitz for old site o buy link credit on aurora site when I need promote new site. I also buy many time a banner on Bux-Matrix. I always got good results. In the past I buy a banner on bux-matrix for new Ptc with an investment of $5 (1 banner for one week). I promote Cashviews (+20 ref) Klikerz (18 ref), 123bux (14ref) and Cashium (2 ref). Now I have promote the new site Buximple, but after two days I have not received any new referral. Maybe now too many people buy banner in bux-matrix. Before there were always 20-30 banner in the rotation, now are over 70 and it has become difficult to find ref. Now I would try advertise banner on Buxp. Its costs $7 for a week. What are your experieces and where you prefer advertise?
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• Philippines
13 May 11
I suggest you join a social networking site for online network marketers/internet marketers. You can connect with thousands and thousands of people with the same interest as you. Here's the site: http://eCa.sh/pKRT