EDD-CA....I need help! I don't understand :(

@Lochoa (222)
United States
May 13, 2011 1:50am CST
So I have a question about my UI claim... I'm going to call EDD in the morning but until then I figured I'd turn to mylot to see if I get some answers :) I got laid off 5/2009 collected UI for 3 weeks or so then I got a full time job. I had that job for awhile then in 3/2010 I got laid off from that job! about a month after being laid off I got a part time job working average 15 hours/wk but nothing full time. My weekly benefits are 449/wk. but I just got 3 letters in the mail from EDD 1. saying notice of eligibility for the deferred new claim payment program 2. notice of unemployment insurance claim filed 3. notice of unemployment insurance award So the claim form (#2) says my current employer, last day worked, and that I was laid off due to "part time" and the award letter (#3) says my weekly benefit amount is now 277/wk. and the 1st letter makes it seem as though I am going to be receiving my extension benefits until they have run out at the regular 449/wk but then i'm confused b/c why do I have a new insurance award for 277/wk? Am I going to keep receiving my 449/wk or 277/wk?
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@coffeebreak (17799)
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13 May 11
Just go talk to them...usually they have a phone interview with you. But your UE bene if based on your last job and how much you paid in. That is why it is lower than at first.And you can now only collect for 26 weeks...no more extensions like they had for 99 weeks prior. Odds are, in retrospect...you should have stayed on UE at $449 when you were on it. You don't have to take a job that paid less than the one you left...you should have stayed on it till you found either another one of same salary or your 26 weeks expired, then go get the part time or lower paid job. But because you chose to work for less...your UE bene's are less...based on that job.
@naija4real (1291)
13 May 11
I would like to refer your questions to other professional to handle. I do not quite understand your question. I look forward to meeting you on mylot in due course.Best of luck