Windows explorer error when opening the folder

@minfas (878)
Sri Lanka
May 14, 2011 12:30am CST
I get windows explorer error when i open a folder that contains video file. The file is in mkv format and has got DTS 5.1 audio in it. I have other video files that is in this format and DTS 5.1 audio but that works fine. I am using Windows XP and Windows 7. I get the error in Windows 7 but it works fine in Windows XP. What is the problem i am getting for only this video file which is of the same format as my other video files. I have installed DIVX and K-Lite codec in my computer. Thank you
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@stylewaves (1060)
• India
17 May 11
Actually that was the codec problem , whenever you get into that folder , windows 7 will try to get the thumbnail and info about that file , but probably because of some reasons it can't collect the thumbs completely . If you install , K-lite or some codec softwares , it can easily get the thumbs with help of that codecs . If you have the problem still , just uninstall K-lite and re-install it . Or else make a repair broken files .
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@minfas (878)
• Sri Lanka
18 May 11
I had K-Lite codec pack and Divx installed. I uninstalled K-Lite codec pack and checked to see how it goes. It went fine, then later i uninstalled K-Lite codec pack and installed only Divx, then i got the error again. Now i have installed only K-Lite codec pack. I contacted Divx support regarding this and they gave a link to download a registry fix which solves that error which i am not going to do.
14 May 11
hello minfas few questions do you get windows error only when you open this specific folder from windows 7 ??? does other folder opens normally in windows 7 ?? what is the windows explorer error code or number ?