Why the pakistan continues to support terrorists?

@mallu30 (461)
May 14, 2011 7:16am CST
The todays news that the terrorists attacked on pakistan police and atleast 80 police personnel killed and several injured. I wonder despite attacks on their country men, why the pakistan continues to support terrorists? They have to support the countries those who are working to combat terrorism. What do you say?
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@elsoft12 (1825)
• India
14 May 11
Its not about Pakistan supporting terrorists.The Pakistan Governement and Military have always condemned such reports .In fact Pakistan is controlled by Terrorists (Imagine World's No.1 Terrorists staying for years in a Military Contonement Area),so the Government and Military dont have any control over what happens in their mainland.Hence they tend to direct attention always towards India.
• Argentina
14 May 11
thats the truth!
@Zer0Stats (1311)
• India
21 Jun 11
Not all the Pakistani population are supporting terrorism.It is some Jihadi people that working in the Pakistani government and some common people that don't even know what their religion is about are supporting to these kind of acts.The true Muslim do never support to such kind of acts that kills thousands of innocent lives.
@chaftab (59)
• Pakistan
12 Jun 11
Mallu you are right Pakistan is supporting terrorism in the region. And by doing this they are really on wrong track. Pakistan allowed terrorists to stay in their country. Pakistan allowed terrorist to use their country as logistic support to attack on Taliban in Afghanistan. Actually not only Pakistan but the whole world is supporting terrorism. I hope you will get my point, actually world need to know who is the really terrorist. Who is killing innocent people. The kids are being burnt out in drone attacks. how a 3 year baby can be terrorist????????. From last ten years US is killing people all around the world mostly in Afghanistan and Iraq. They don't have any proof against taliban to be involved in incident of World Trade Center. Without any investigation how can you blame some one. So the revenge will be dangerous for the whole world from innocent people.