Similarities of a Hen to your Mother..

@oninomar (505)
May 14, 2011 9:55am CST
Have you seen a hen on streets or in a farm together with her chicks? well, when a hen is together with her chicks, a hen always protect her chicks... She will do anything for them.. If you try to loot or steal one of his chicks and you will see, she will attack you immediately.. That is how she protect her chicks.. You can't touch or even come near to her, she will bite you by her beak.. A mother is also like a hen, she will not bite you but, she will surely protect her children.. A mother always aim is to have a better future for her children and she will do anything for the good of her children.. A mother will not sacrifice a life of her children, instead she will sacrifice for her own life.. That is the life of a mother...Have a nice day to everyone..[/b][b]
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@amyson (3498)
• Philippines
4 Jun 11
well, this also my same observation when mother hen know to protect her chickens and would hide them in her feathers just like a mother they would do anything to protect their children. if her children are hungry or in need of help she would attend to their needs immediately. not only in hen that i observe motherly care even to other animals like a cat she carry her kittens and transfer to another room so no male cat could harm her kittens. she care and lick them as the way to clean them and she taught them to haunt for their food. the same with humans who also teach her children to do household chores so when they grow to become responsible adults.
@jayen28 (84)
14 May 11
yes, I agreed with you I've seen many time how protected the hen was to her chick. And as a mother I willing to do all things that hen did to protect her chick and when the rain pouring down she manage to huge her chick and covered with her wings. It is a good seen isn't it? Like most of our mother they ready to give their all to protect their child.