my son is so addicted to computer?

@cora30 (134)
United States
May 14, 2011 10:46am CST
my son is so addicted to computer games and to think hes just only 5 years old,been trying to do some things for him to away with computer but still not working can somebody share some ideas what to do?
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@Lexus656 (672)
• United States
23 May 11
Have you tried to take him to some places like discovery place or a interactive museum? There are a ton of things for kids to do. With my four year old i like to get different art supplies cover the kitchen table nd let him make whatever he wants. He will do that for hours. Or maybe some of those cool new plaay dough sets. Im a certified teachers assistant and to be honest your probably going to have to tqke it away for a little while. He will whine at first but he will get over it. Start limiting him its really bad for your eyes to sit in front of a computer for long amounts of time. It is going to be hard for awhile but it will get better just stand your ground!
• Philippines
18 May 11
I am a video gamer myself. It is really hard to stop playing once you started it. Maybe, you could set a schedule for your child to play. Say, set a 2 hours gaming period a day. Set passwords and restrictions on your computer so he will not be able to access it outside his schedule. You can also introduce him to outdoor sports and games so he will not crave for video games or get bored.
@yogeshdhusa (2236)
• India
14 May 11
Last time my son was not ready to move away from computer, so i decided to delete the games from computer without knowing him, to prove that i have not deleted i deleted few my file . Other thing is i have set some rules and i adhere to it so that every body in home have to adhere it. enjoy parenting !
• Philippines
18 May 11
Implement rules and communicate the importance of such to your son. Discipline him while he is still young so that you won't have huge problems when he's all grown up. Not just on PC usage but also on other aspects in order to build his character. Part of our responsibility as parents is to rear our children according to what is acceptable to the society and to God. Blessed day.