Heart palpatations anyone?

United States
May 16, 2011 9:25pm CST
So I am 35 and have been getting heart palpitations or skip beats at night. I researched this and found that there is something called perimenopause that happens usually around the age of 35 around 10 or 15 years before menopause sets in. I guess I will cut back on coffee. I also heard that magnesium may help. Anyone else have this?
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@Anakata2007 (1785)
• Canada
5 Dec 12
Hi, this was 2 years ago. Are you still around? I am 44 and have had heart palpitations for about 4 years now. I have been told it's perimenopausal as well. I have had my heart tested and everything is fine. I'm going to try the magnesium. If youre still around can you get back to me to let me know how youre doing and if you have found anything else that helps? I don't want to cut down on caffeine.
• Philippines
19 May 11
I heard of something just like this although it's acquired genetically. Take care of yourself more. Yeah, cut back on coffee and high-cholesterol foods.
@vinod4net (628)
• India
17 May 11
can't say but seems to be an issue. If its just a perimenopause then not much of a problem, but i will recommend you to please get a checkup done by your doctor. Its good to get every thing sorted out in accordance with the doctor just to be on a safer side.
@kathyglim (183)
• Philippines
17 May 11
Hi, have you consulted a doctor on the matter. If not, I advice you to do so. Heart palpitation is a serious matter that for me needs professional care. I is a cause of a lot of things mostly related to the heart. I had that experience before and I had to undergo a lot of test to pin point the real cause of the palpitation. Do seek your doctor's advice.
@chuyins123 (2112)
• Philippines
17 May 11
I have heart palpitation back in college. And I associated it with my overloaded intake of coffee. I was drinking coffee almost every four hours. All black coffee no sugar! That was back when I was still a student and I wanted to do most of my school requirements while doing some extra curricular, and socializing. Very hectic schedule, that I have to resort to relying on coffee to stay awake and red bull energy drink just to stay energetic and awake. LOL. Yeah, it would help I guess if you refrain from drinking coffee too often. But if you can, you could consult a doctor. I mean, you should. Just to be safe. God bless you! Have a great life! :)