global warming

May 20, 2011 10:02pm CST
do you think what will be world going to be if global warming happen?
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@nangisha (3496)
• Indonesia
12 Jul 11
Hi Accer2020. I think the question is what if global warming continuous happen, because its already happen. The weather hotter now and we can not predict the climate. The ice in north pole and south pole melted made ocean line higher. If its higher so there will be more land drowned . Its mean less land to live in. If the season can not predicted, its harder to decide what to plant and there is a big chance in harvest failure, in long run will leads to famine .
• Canada
4 Jul 11
Everyone will drown... O.O
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@SHAMRACK (8576)
• India
21 May 11
Dear friend, I feel the more harm the earth gets more angry it shows. Those natural clamities would be considered as one of earth way show angry. Mother has tolerated more that it has to be. Hence I feel we have treat it well and also should make sure not to hurt it further. If the situations goes beyond a limit everything will explode.
@gunjanpri (603)
• India
21 May 11
I think it's a good beginning of my day to start it with a discussion on global warming. It hot scorching summer in New Delhi right now and I can not even go for a break!. Moreover, relatives have come here to spend their two month holidays!!! O God..
@didi13 (2926)
• Romania
24 Jun 11
Do not feel now, but future generations will face all the effects that global warming will create. It is a clear trend of warming the Earth almost 1000 years, and these temperature increases are due to human activities. The man did everything her best to exploit, I believe in selfishness. Man has reason, reason that a shame that it did not help much. A burning fossil fuels has changed the use of land, deforestation, and has had various industrial activities, diminished ozone layer. In the near future if it keeps the same state, we end up with the same landscape in front, as in the movie above. Together we can change anything!
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@Aken1kg (11)
• Malaysia
24 May 11
it will be continue warming and warming and warming, although we will try to avoid or reduce its effect... well hell, i m feeling hot here.... .
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• United States
11 Jul 11
Unfortunately, the warming has already started! But I am hopeful, I think saving the planet is possible. True there are a lot of issues that are facing us, especially from those opponents that don't realize or care how great the need for change is. However, when I read about the products that are being created that are planet friendly; cars that are on the road that run on electricity; city dwellers that are greening there rooftops; and homes that are being built using recycled products and are powered by solar energy; and how farmers markets and organic farming is gaining a stronger presence in the marketplace ... I feel even more certain that there is an even better chance for a stable and green future. We all just gotta keep doing those things the are earth friendly, we can't leave it for the next guy. Recycle and teach our kids how to recycle, and how not to be wasteful. There are just too many visible warning signs, for us to continue blindly thru life, by not starting to be more responsible and caring. Our future and our children's future ... starts NOW!
@Emerald20 (130)
• Philippines
23 Jul 11
I think most of places now experience global warming. I watched this documentary film about global warming. and it gone really bad now. I forgot the place but it was an icy place like in Antarctica, where ice burgs has certain altitudes before and now it's almost gone. Let's try saving our mother earth:)
@18saurab (89)
• India
23 Jul 11
Horrible results will be there if global warming happen