Can you really approach all of your close friends easily?

Pasay, Philippines
May 27, 2011 5:12am CST
How do you approach all of your close friends easily if you are in need of help? Are all of your friends willing to help you easily? Have you never feel any hesitations of saying something or asking any help? Not necessarily in material things like financial but for advises as well?
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@debbie_19 (228)
• Las Pinas City, Philippines
29 Feb 12
I give different levels of trust to my close friends. I know them too well to know when they can help, when they can get offended, and so on. They are all willing to help, it's just that, sometimes I don't want to bother them. They have their own problems to be bothered by mine. :)
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• Pasay, Philippines
3 Mar 12
That is good at least you know your limitations when it comes of asking help from the friends.
@serubhai1 (204)
• India
11 Mar 12
Hi Metatronik, Yes, I will approach them directly. If I have to think B4 doing that then they would not be close friends, whaddya say?
• India
11 Mar 12
Reminds me of the song by Dionne Warwick, Stevie wonder, Elton John etc.."that's what friends are for"
• Pasay, Philippines
12 Mar 12
You are also lucky that you can approach all of your friends even the other extended friends.
@asliah (11140)
• Philippines
12 Jun 11
hi, for me,i would be direct to tell my need to them,if they can really help me or not,i have friends that i can ask for a help by category such money,materials and partakers.
• Pasay, Philippines
30 Aug 11
Good thing you can be able to approach almost all of your close friends or other friends easily. But there are times that you can't easily just approach them whenever you need something.