Teeth Whitening, how to maintain

May 28, 2011 3:28am CST
Celebrities got white teeth and media make us believe that white teeth is beautiful but actually, the whitest natural teeth shade is a bit yellowish so those white teeth that celebs have already fall under the bleached tooth shades. I thought my teeth were yellow so I undergone laser teeth whitening. I was a C2 shade and went to W0 (which is the darkest shade among the bleached shades) I am so happy with the results! I had the dreaded "zingers" after but I just had to tolerate it because I really believe with the no pain no gain principle. So yeah, I'm happy with the results! Any of you who underwent teeth whitening also? How do you guys maintain your white teeth? Thanks in advance!
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30 May 11
I would love to have my teeth wightened professionally. I am a regular brush-a-holic, I like to have a fresh mouth. I have tried various toothpastes that claim to whiten your teeth with regular use, however I am yet to see any evidence they work. I also purchased one of those home uv kits. They come with the little mouth shield that has the uv light built in. You squeeze some jelly substance onto the mouth shield, insert it into your mouth, press the light on and leave it. Only thing I got from it was a nasty taste. Not recommended.