Help me if you can stop smoking!

@alberello (4752)
May 29, 2011 3:17pm CST
Dear friends from the community MYLOT, I write this review because I realize smoking cigarettes really so bold. Smoking is very bad for your health and is also a of the extent that spending is not at all indifferent. You should know that the average I'm smoking 2 packs a day, or rather about 40 cigarettes! I say that I'm really exaggerating the risk of experiencing before or after a few bad disease. It 's very difficult to stop permanently, or at least reducing the number of cigarettes in a day, but if I want to stay healthy, I really have to think! PLEASE HELP ME !!
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@d_e_v81 (360)
• Singapore
10 Jun 11
wow...notice your post under the list of similar discussions after I posted mine... I'm trying to quit the habit too... It is partly physical and partly psychological... psychologically, smoking has become a ritual in our daily lives so it is pretty hard to get over it... but it can be done... it is the physical aspect that keeps me coming back to it...that craving for a nicotine fix...
• China
31 May 11
Dear alberello: My name is camellia,I'd like to help you.My uncle smoked every day in the past.He was smoking 2or3 packs a day,After he had a baby,he is afraid that smoke woule harm for his baby,so he decided to stop to smoke.The method is chew gum.After 3 weeks,he said"I am mot interested in smoking,because the gum have many flavors and cheap." May be you can try with this method.
30 May 11
Congratualtions firstly, on getting to this point. It takes many people a very long time. I was a smoker, I have been quit now for 4 years and actually can't believe I smoked in the first place. I have found that having an ashtray near me smells vile and have to move it away. Quiting wasn't easy for me to begin with. I tried the gum, the inhalers, the spray and the patches. The gum was like chewing a pot of pepper and the rest didn't help either. So I went to the doctor for help and advice. I came a way with a 7 week course of Zyban. The advice was to carry on smoking and take a tablet each day. Which I did. Without realising it, you smoke less, you don't feel like one and you don't miss it either. I continued on the tablet for only 3 weeks, by which point I had completely stopped smoking and I was starting to forget to take the tablets. I never finished the course. The first year was still awkward, but I found it was only at times like lunch, dinner and having a cuppa that I thought about having one, but never did. Quiting was the best thing I have done for me and my children, I will never start again. Good luck alberello, it is possible and you will find a way of quiting that suits you xx
• Netherlands
30 May 11
Hi Alberello, Good thing that you want to quit smoking. I smoke also a pack a day. I think if you realy want to stop you can stop. It's all in you mind. It takes 2 weeks to get los of the nicotine in your blood. Then you have to be consistant. You can trie nicotine pads to easen it up. And you also have to replace something else for smoking. Write also down when do you smoke, when your bored, not working, stress...... these are critical moments you have to consider what to do. And find a good moment to quit, be prepared about evrything.
@avnach (6)
• Slovak Republic
30 May 11
alberto, i don't think it is that hard, i used to smoke 2 packs a day for 10 years.... and i quited just like that, you can go to your doctor he will subscribe you pills which i think can help you :-) other methods include: hypnosis and understanding the risks hope this was helpfull to you, goodluck.