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June 1, 2011 4:37am CST
Hi, I am planning to start a career in writing, but I am form customer care industry, do not have any background in terms of education or experience in writing. I would like to know are there any places/company's which would encourage freshers, provide work for aspiring writers?
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• Philippines
18 Jan 13
There is a platform to vary online jobs which requires writing as their mode of income generator; such sites such as freelancing sites do require people who know how to write on various contents. Although there are some that might require skills in writing, your background in customer care will be helpful in writing contents with the niche of customer services. There are job posting over Odesk that does have positions in writing with Customer care as their subject writing content.
• India
21 Jan 13
thanks for responding , but I am a lil confused and not sure as to how to bid for such projects and win them, do we need to send them proposal, quotations or how can we bid for projects on such platforms like Odesk and win one.
• Philippines
23 Jan 13
Well you need to apply for the job posting on Odesk... and yes, you will send the employer or the job poster a good cover letter...
@mohammed3 (208)
• United States
2 Jun 11
Two online hosts that work great are Associated Content and Bukisa. They allow you to upload pretty much anything you write and pay you per how many views your articles get. I have been using them both for years and am very satisfied. Good luck!!!
@iwrite (5034)
• Singapore
1 Jun 11
Well I know there are a few sites for you to write and get paid, however it is not easy either. It takes effort and time on your part in order to make money, so do not think it would just be money falling onto your lap.
@chulce (1537)
• United States
1 Jun 11
To be honest, if you are getting started in writing. It is best to start small. Check into one of the many websites that can give you writing practice, like here on mylot. Learn to develop good strong sentence structure, do research on different topics and check into writing groups. There are a lot of them out there both in communities and on the world wide web. Don't forget about education, it is a good idea to take some refresher courses in writing. If you don't have time, find books on the subject. Some sites you can look at to see if they will work for you to get started in the writing world are: Squidoo, Helium, Hubpages, Associated Content. Mind you these sites don't pay much in the beginning, but the more readers you have the better off you are. Good luck in your new writing career from one writer to another.
• Malaysia
1 Jun 11
try hubpages
@mslianne (79)
• Philippines
1 Jun 11
Hi there! It's nice to hear that you have taken quite an interest in writing. In my opinion, you don't really need to have that much of an education in writing. Basic knowledge in grammar is enough. Also, it helps if you have done technical writing in school before, such as thesis writing or case presentations. I would encourage you to try out Triond or oDesk. :)
• Philippines
1 Jun 11
That's also what I intend to, but I don't know if I will excel in such profession, I think I need to take some lessons and more practice in writing before I could start searching for such company. Well, Actually not just writing I want to be a Mangaka! But my drawing technique are way too far from the pro. Goodluck hope you can find answers here. :)