what is wrong with this girl?

United States
June 1, 2011 4:20pm CST
I use to be friends with this girl and she would do stuff that was so un call for like hit on my bf that was funny cause she was trying to do that and they haven't even meet she just saw a pix. Try to say i was jealous of her and i was like Of what i'm happy with me. plus before i was with my bf i was single and have a crush on my guy friend and she know that she hit on him and during all of this she had a bf, it made me sick cause i did anything for her and she turn around and do this so i ended the friendship with her and then five mouth later i gave her another change and she was still doing crazy stuff, so now she is trying to get info from ever one that knows me and trying to be "friends" again and try her best to get my guy firend to talk me in to talking to her. She to me haven't show that she has chaned so i'm i the crazy one or her i do believe in second chances but i have given this guy 10 no joke. she is starting to act like a stocker.
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@Bryanx54 (644)
1 Jun 11
If she's constantly harassing you and doing crazy stuff then she is not your friend, i suggest that if she continues to try and mess you around and stalk you take legal action. Also i suggest telling your friends about her and what she is doing.
• United States
1 Jun 11
thank i'm glad to see i'm not crazy, thats also the crazy thing i told him every thing she done and he guy friend still trys to get me to talk to her it hurts that he do that casue he and i have been friend way long then me and her or her and him. I even thinking about not being friends with him to i know him for 10 and we both know her for 3. I think he can tell i'm thinking about that cause he would get hurt if i don't tell anything like i use to. He also trying to meet my boyfriend but idk, hes been acting like a jelous ex laty and its funny we never dated.
@picjim (3002)
• India
2 Jun 11
It sounds like as if she wants to use all that are yours.And she does this without regret.I feel the more you are with her the more she continues in the same vein.She doesn't seem to care much about your feelings.
@marcmm (1804)
• Malaysia
2 Jun 11
I think she had a obsession over you. Why would she do like that if she wasn't over obsess over you. Maybe you should try to talk to her what you don't like about her and make it straight that you had enough of her.
@maezee (41863)
• United States
1 Jun 11
It's hard to say, as we don't know the whole story..But it sounds like she's a) not a very good friend, a bit full of herself, and doesn't understand the *cardinal* rule of being friends - DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH YOUR FRIENDS BOYFRIEND!!!. The best thing you can do is try to keep her out of your life.