Free energy exists?

June 3, 2011 3:57am CST
Hello! I saw lately a movie on internet about a magnetic motor, and it was put in motion only by the magnetic field. I think it is possible to realize, but the world it's not ready, the economy also, because we relay on oil that is a huge industry with many people involved, many jobs etc. I think they are trying to introduce step by step this kind of energy, because i think it can't be done just like that. Your oppinion on this?
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@xfahctor (14118)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
4 Jun 11
My opinion? Not really an opinion, but more like an inescapable law of physics...there is no such thing as "free energy". I have seen a number of videos of these so called "magnet motors" and they all have the same torque. Even motors made with very powerful neodymium magnets do not have enough power to actually drive any thing. They are neat little novelties at best and will spin, but the moment you try to put any sort of load on the motor it will not have enough power to do anything. And the magnets will wear out very quickly as well...all magnets do.
• Romania
6 Jun 11
You don,t need torque, you just create the magnetic field around a coil, to create free electricity. You can do it at bigger scale, to obtain more and more.
@xfahctor (14118)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
7 Jun 11
I think I know what you're trying to do now. If I understand correctly, you are talking about using a spinning magnet motor to turn a generator coil? It still won't work. A generator coil is just an electric motor that operates in reverse. An electric motor will spin quite freely...until you close the circuit on it, then it becomes very hard to turn and requires considerable torque. You can test this your self, take a car alternator (basically a generator) and turn the shaft. On it's own, it turns freely. Now take a piece of wire and connect both terminals together and close the circuit, you will find it suddenly becomes very difficult to turn. The whole free energy concept cannot work because physics will not allow it. You cannot get more energy out of something then you put in to it. If it were that simple, we'd all be running our houses on this stuff. The closest the average person is going to come to free energy is solar or wind power...and it is anything but free. To power the average home by either requires a very heavy initial investment. You can build your own wind mill and save a little bit, but the generator part of it is still going to be very expensive for anything that is going to power more than a single appliance or two. Another option, if you have a river running through your property, is to go with your own hydro power. You can probably build a good size water wheel to turn a generator...but of course you still have to buy the generator and you will have to build a very sizable water wheel.
@veganbliss (3895)
• Adelaide, Australia
9 Jan 13
Yes, everything will need to be redesigned step by step for this kind of set-up. It's a whole new paradigm. Did you see who invented the device? Was it shown on YouTube? I've built four of these devices so far. I've balanced & tuned them & documented all my load testing results. One of these devices can charge a battery to "over-unity" eleven out of twenty times in the interval I was testing. Each one takes many months to get "just right". Another device has a huge amount of torque under load & am currently using it as a battery-powered drill. It works far better than my cordless drill which is nearly brand new.