What is going wrong with my internet ? help?

June 3, 2011 2:13pm CST
I have a dell inspiron laptop (the one in the commercial with the guys making them in the factory) and lately something has been going wrong with my internet .Sometime i would open up a page and it would show the picture it would just show x's and it would change the font and the layout of the page where its just like a list and then it would get to a point where it would let me go anywhere on internet .I tried to reset my route ,but when i went to yahoo it said at the top of that there was something wrong with my ivp6 compatability .What does it mean ? CAN IT BE FIXED? HELP!
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• United States
8 Jun 11
just try to browse the internet with a different browser. This doesnt seem to be a problem with virus's, just a compatibility issue
• Philippines
9 Jun 11
All the previous responses are worth doing, if you have not done so please do the following in order: 1. Run your anti-virus and anti-malware applications, if you don't have an anti-malware application installed download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware application from cnet.com downloads web site using an uninfected computer copy the application to your laptop install and run the program. 2. If no viruses/malware are discovered, check your network settings and refer them to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to confirm if your connection is using IPV6 or IPV4. Your ISP should be able to assist you with the details. 3. When the internet connection issue is settled download and install firefox or chrome browsers on your laptop and start browsing the internet. You should be able to solve your internet problems with the above process, good luck!
@aerous (13461)
• Philippines
4 Jun 11
I think your laptop is infected with viruses. Because that reaction from your laptop is a sign of having spyware or malware... Every time you open it. There is a pop-up and tried to change everything. Run your anti-virus to scan, detect and destroy the virus in your laptop...