how do you let go?

June 4, 2011 12:36am CST
my baby will be 19months this 21st. we've been together 24/7 for 18months. i'm going back to school this semester and i left her with her dad and grandparents so that i can concentrate on my studies and also try to work. there's no one else here to take care of her and i'm afraid of getting a nanny. it's been more than a week now but it's really difficult for me to adjust. she's been a very good girl. she's very cooperative. i told her to behave and not make things difficult for her dad and grandparents, and she did. her dad told me that she found it easy to adjust. i was so worried that she would cry all the time, have tantrums but she didn't. but all this time, i have been having a hard time to sleep and to eat. i've lost a few pounds already. is this really this hard to leave your baby?
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4 Jun 11
Hi,although I am not a parent,and I haven't had a baby,but I know it is hard for parents to leave their baby.Beacuse I am the baby of my parents.Every time I leave my parents to go to another city for school,I would find the sadness on their face. So I can understand it is really very hard to leave your child.