4 BOYS ONLY: You, girl, is a pain psycho! So...

June 5, 2011 9:44am CST
OK, to be fair (and since someone made my blood boil), to you GUYS out there. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND DO NOT POINT A FINGER ON "ME" BECAUSE THIS IS NOT MY PROBLEM. SOCIAL EXPERIMENT PEOPLE (and I am a girl)! What if you are in a relationship, and your girlfriend continuously thinks you are cheating to the point she picks a fight with you. Will you continue your relationship with that girl? Why or why not?
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5 Jun 11
Hello Patricia, If she doesn't trust me then i will let her go or give her space . A fight is something i seriously want to avoid, specially with women. In my situation i don't think there is any point of explaining it again and again if she kept herself close minded and will do anything to prove her point. I think am open for a rather decent talk and conversation, rather than a heated argument. I know relationship is also compromise if you two are different, but if she can't trust me no more, how is she gonna treat me then in the future if what's in her heart is nothing more than suspicion and hate and doubt, and that marks that she's not happy with me anymore.
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7 Jun 11
Very well said LetranKnight25. But how long can you endure talking and being patient with that kind of girlfriend before letting her go?
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8 Jun 11
When i had enough...