Reproductive Health Bill

June 6, 2011 8:47am CST
Do you think you disgrace God by having this kind of bill? According to the Bible "Go to the world and multiply" then why having this kind of Bill?
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• Philippines
14 Jun 11
We are having this bill becuase we have a realistic problem that ails us as a society. Our problem is population control and we don't have any realistic solution to it (perhaps none if the Church has its way). The complicated thing about this problem is that some people chose the moral high ground while some chose the logical side. The fact that population deals with human life makes it complicated and attracts controversies form places where it should not. To be honest, I don't think this bill is any sign of sin. It's just an instrument to help society and the public. There are just some factions that feel that this is a matter of religion. For me, it's not. It's a matter of reality. And nothing improves the situation if people always think the worst out of everything and quote everything from a book..
@rakittera (802)
• Philippines
7 Jun 11
While God instructed us to go forth and multiply, he also gave us free will. I believe that he would allow us to decide whether we should bring forth more lives in the world if we can't handle the ones we have now. I'm not pro-abortion and I never believed in it. But I am pro-RH bill. The bill is not merely about pro-creation. It is about a lot of things like reproductive health for women and baby's health as well. The bill simply allows people to have access, not just to birth control means but more information on birth control as well. If people have access to more information, it helps them decide better. I am a catholic but right now, I am not proud about how the church is reacting to the RH Bill. I just hope they keep an open mind about the bill and not just focus on the religious side of it.