A green way to use plastics may be?

@hanuma34 (819)
June 8, 2011 11:16pm CST
You all know I love thinking ..something stupid..and of course ...in restrooms. So this morning I was thinking the rains are here, and we have tarmac on our roads so water is not going to seep in, and all that will flow down into the sea, and we all know water remains warmer for longer so ice will melt at the poles, and more ice melting means more water in sea, and more water in sea means more hurricanes and cyclones not to mention inundation of coastal areas which out here are rice bowls. It eventually affects our food chain and budget. Phew!!! That was a longgggggggggg thought. Then I got to thinking about plastic bags, which incidentally are going to be banned out here next month. Hey, cant we do something positive with all that plastic? But of course, I thought. We have woven plastic bags. Why cant we make ropes out of all existing plastic bags? Then my thoughts turned toward farming, and how to conserve water in farms. What if we could have large farm lots, and have sloping boundaries making it like a large basin? And what if we laid a mesh of plastic ropes in these farms - a few feet deeper than the levels of tilling in those farms starting from these slopes? Would they not serve the same function as the tree roots once did at least for conserving water. Wish I could try it out on a small scale. May be not plastic but other organic and decomposable waste like cotton clothes that we can use to make those ropes. Do you have such silly thoughts? Do you get an opportunity to try it out? Hey if it works at least name it after me..
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