Marijuana Legalization is it going to happen?

June 9, 2011 4:50pm CST
Please note that I do not smoke it although I do own a vaporizer, which is safer on your lungs than inhaling heated plant matter, I prefer not to. I just figured this is a topic that people have considered before. Marijuana has been proven useful for its medical, industrial and other applications. However, now that the governement accepts its medicinal powers there are questions that have to asked. If someone who is sick or dying can take pot and not die than why would someone who is healthy not be able to use it without ill effect? It doesn't make any sense that a sick man would gain something that a healthy man wouldn't by consuming a natural, non-addictive plant. It is not a gateway drug but it doesn't help the same person selling it also sells hard drugs becuase it is outlawed. It doesn't cause cancer or laziness, you cannot overdose, it doesn't kill brain cells (infact research has shown the opposite), it can grow in most climates and your mother smoked it. Another report is going to be published stating what has been recommended time and time again. That the drug war has not only failed but has also caused harm to many families and individuals (link below). Do you think that the time has or do we need more 'debate'? Another way for politicans to stall while walking around the subject or attacking the legilization activists.
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