How can you forgive a person who broke your heart?

June 10, 2011 10:03pm CST
What will you do to forgive that someone who broke your heart when you feel like you want her/him dead? when you see her/him you'll feel mad. do you that person deserves you forgiveness?
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@anneshirley (1516)
• Philippines
9 Jan 12
I can answer this question now...we are really sad when someone broke our heart but shouldn't we think positive instead? Instead of wanting the other person to end up suffering, shouldn't we be thankful because we are a change person because of him / her? We can only say we really moved on if we can think maturely of our acts...right?
• Philippines
10 Dec 11
I think its by time heals the wound done by the event. Actually my heart was broken when my love ones have leave me. I don't know what to do that time when she done that to me. I was full of anger that time and at this point the wound is slowly healing as the time passes by. All I can advise to you is to forget her in your heart, never think of her, and cut all communications between you and her. With that, you can forgive her but also you can forget her. Like other people say, forgive and forget.
• Philippines
16 Jun 11
Hi, kaimart_aileen. It is never easy to forgive someone who hurt you in the past. We held grudges, admit it or not. But on the brighter side of thinking, what good does it serve us if we do not forgive those people? Do we gain something by not forgiving them? I have a friend who I was really mad with then. I let my friend and her family stay with us at home for about 2 weeks. We were in good terms when they left my home. They were able to rent an apartment a town away from my place. It all started when my friend and her husband fought at each other, and she decided to go to my place again, telling my mom that she needs to stay there because they don't have airconditioning at their apartment. What frustrates me was she didn't even cared to give me a call before doing that. I wasn't home at that time. I was on vacation then. When I get back home, my mother was very angry with me because of her coming in the house with the silly reason of not having airconditioning in their apartment. She said I should have known about it because we were friends. Unfortunately, I do not have any idea. My mother said we have accomodated my friend's family for two weeks already and coming back to stay with us again was quite unacceptable enough for my family. Oh well, it all happened in the past. I told myself before that I will not talk to her again. But what now? It doesn't really matter much anymore to me, so the moment that I got the chance to talk to her about it, I told her what I felt. I was very angry then, and I forgive her about it. We don't see each other much now. But I got the peace of mind...
@hexebella (1137)
• Philippines
12 Aug 11
We should forgive those who hurt us no matter how terrible it was. Being a Christian, it is my duty to forgive others and if it is too much to bear, I simply pray to God to help me forget the wrong done to me and to help me to forgive the wrongdoer. Remember that it is written, we will not be forgiven if we will not be able to forgive others. Forgiving is also for our own benefit...first that we are also forgiven from our sins, second, we will be unburdened of the emotional baggage we are carrying inside us, hence travel through life's road will be convenient for us.
• Philippines
11 Jun 11
if g0d can forgive then why y0u can't forgive her? all you can see is the bad things she done for you why won't you think about the good things she done for you. Just forget the bad memories and start to forgive and leave it to god. And it will took away all the hatred that you feel. just fogive and move on.. (.n_n.)