I witnessed the total lunar eclipse earlier this morning, like around 3am!

June 15, 2011 9:55pm CST
So I slept early last night and my brother woke me up at around 3 am to see the lunar eclipse. I saw it! It's amazing! It's my first time to witness an eclipse ever. The moon was so red. It looked a bit scary to see a red moon but it's amazing. I wish I have a telescope to see it better but even with the naked eye, it still looks good. Did you see it too? By the way, I'm in Philippines.
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@greenline (14839)
• Canada
18 Jun 11
Yes, I saw it too, but it was only on the TV, shown as a news broadcast. You are very lucky that you saw it live right there in your country. Yes, it was really amazing. The day was also close to the full moon day. Did you take any photos too ?
• Philippines
25 Jun 11
Oh no I didn't take pictures. I only have my phone camera when I saw it. I tried to take pictures of it, but in my phone it looked blurry and really small. So I just stared at its beauty. It was my first time so it.
@r3jcorp (1382)
• Philippines
16 Jun 11
Hello autumndreamer, I am also from the Philippines and my youngest daughter would want to see it badly but I'm too tired to wake up at a very early hour. Besides, she has school today, I don't want here to be sleepy at school. When she wake up this morning, she was sad because she haven't see it, I told her that she could still see it through pictures and videos from the internet.
• Philippines
25 Jun 11
Oh, how sad. If she grows up she can stay up late and she can witness eclipses. Don't worry, there will still be eclipses that will happen in the future.