Cherish life

@happylim (660)
June 17, 2011 4:04am CST
Life is short, if you are still wasting your life now, you will find that life is far away from you tomorrow. The sooner you cherish life, you have more time to enjoy your life. If you are looking forward to longevity, it is better to enjoy your life earlier.
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@megamatt (14326)
• United States
17 Jun 11
That is something that I can get behind one hundred percent. There are a lot of times where life can be all happy and brilliant for every person. Then it just turns around. Sometimes for the worse thing and sometimes for the rather end. Every single moment that we have it is something that we should completely cherish in many ways. There are a lot of times where we are going to take a lot about life for granted. However, we never truly appreciate everything that we have for life, and that could be a problem. We wish we had many more years than we did at the end, or at least I assume that some people would have that wish. Yet in the end, life is something that you just got to go out and live. You got to go out there and seize the moment. You need to enjoy everything in life and get the most out of everything that you really can. Life is a wonderful thing in the end, there might be sometimes that we have some days that are less than desirable. However, there are many times where we got to appreciate it, because there are a lot of times where at least we have to be better off with a lot of people in the world. Life is something that is really there to be enjoyed, to lived. Enjoy every moment that you have at life, because there is a potential for it to be your very last.
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@SangsTurks (1447)
• India
17 Jun 11
Very true, diffrent people take diffrent time to realize that life is precious and that one had to handle life with care! When i was a teenager i had lots and lots of guts and it was impossible for me to forgive anyone. But now i have realised that keeping a grudge fro long is of no use....we all should learn to forgive and to enjoy the relationship that we share.
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@didi13 (2926)
• Romania
17 Jun 11
If I had another life, otherwise I know how to live? If I had another fate, otherwise I would choose the path to eternity? But if I would be eternally eternity, and the paradox would humanize, sure we will be happy. We will play with autumn leaves, winter will laugh by the fire in the stove and we'll get drunk with the scent of spring flowers. We admire the sun and moon in warm summer nights. Do not ask me anything, it's a simple epilogue of my soul. He dictates, I just write. My role is to externalize inner feelings.
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