The love that i have not tell you

June 17, 2011 4:12am CST
I love a girl. And i try to make you know my feeling. text you , choose the little gift... i am always wondering how should i tell you that i love you. And i think you should feel it. But Beofre i do you, you choose to leave. Without a word to you, you leave. i am really puzzzled who i am in your heart. maybe i should bless you. Maybe i should say goodbye to you. Even i still miss you when alone. hope a new start to me.
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@potrish78 (742)
• Philippines
19 Jun 11
That's just sad. Not being able to profess your love to someone who is really special to you hurts so much. I can totally relate. But I wish you had the courage to tell her how much you love her before she left because you'll never know she might have the same feelings as well. Well, I hope that the next time you'll fall in love again, find the courage to tell that person how much she means to you. Good luck!
@nurseclare (2209)
• Philippines
17 Jun 11
That's fine. Every love story doesn't have happy ending.
@laydee (12807)
• Philippines
17 Jun 11
Ah romance, many people truly feel betrayed by you. Most mistake you for love, rather than understanding that there could be no love if it isn't known or reciprocated by another - it's merely fancy. Don't worry friend. Someday, someone would see you even if you don't send a message nor choose little gifts. Your smile and being together would just make your lives feel complete - and that is love. Have a great MyLot experience!