a walk to remember

June 17, 2011 10:19pm CST
this is actually my favorite movie and im just wondering whenever i view profile of my friends in fb i saw that they also like this movie.
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• Philippines
3 Jul 11
this movie was really great. this is one of my favorite movie, i remember after watching this whenever i hear the song " cry " it made me remember this movie and that cause me teary eye.
@chum24 (569)
• Philippines
22 Jun 11
hi.!! i also liked this movie. its a romantic drama that makes anyone love this movie. i really enjoyed, this are the real things that they are expressed throughout the movie. A walk to remember shows how faith can make a someone become better person, you may falling in love for the right reasons. =)
@tash01 (2030)
• Jamaica
21 Jun 11
This movie is a wonderful,movie that people can relate to an learn a lot from it.Even teen in their senior year ,an learn a lot from this. When i first watch the movie, i cry an i did send it to a few people and they have watch it as well. Its a wonderful ,movie well written and played well.
18 Jun 11
It is a beautiful movie.. and it makes me cry every single time without fail. I love the relationship between Landon and Jamie.. tis lovely.