June 17, 2011 10:22pm CST
what makes some fruits so refreshing?
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@jd107nette (1454)
• Philippines
18 Mar 12
ive just read an article few hours ago which said that we find fruits refreshing because it is mostly made up of water. so it's like flavored water (thats why we could juice it)... and if we eat more fruits, we quench our thirst and feel refreshed.
@larazz (29)
16 Mar 12
fresh fruit is just from the new fruit in the picking. if you make juice you must drink it straight. because if just 10 minute you have not drink the juice not fresh again...
@greenline (14838)
• Canada
18 Jul 11
I very much enjoy eating fruits. Always so refreshing. Must be because of the taste and freshness, and the variety of tastes makes fruits very addictive too. One fruit I like and eat very often is apple. That really keeps the doctor away.
• United States
25 Jun 11
Everything! Fresh fruits are always going to be refreshing. It's light and not heavy like other foods that are high in carbohydrates and such. I love fruit, especially on summer days
@febrigas (362)
• Indonesia
2 Jul 11
fruit can make us feel fresh. fruits is one of the types of foods that contain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are generally very good to eat very day. Compared with chemical supplements sold in stores, the fruits is much safer without the dangerous side effect as well as in terms of price is generally much cheaper than the supplements that have the same function...
@JL_Beldua (102)
10 Nov 11
For me i love apple, because it is full of water and you get watermelon because it is you can put in the freezer of relatively long, and when she brought him good to eat and delicious to fee; cold, and most of all the best, when you it fruit like summer. what do you think guys?
• Philippines
25 Jun 11
Fruits are refreshing because most fruits are consists of more water than the food. LOL. I've read that somewhere and it's a fact. I read that an apple is like 70% or 50% water. It's refreshing definitely especially if it's served right from the fridge. I love eating fruits because fruits makes me feel better.
@watergirl (567)
• Philippines
18 Jun 11
I think fruits are refreshing because of their natural flavors and juice. The juicier and watery the fruit is, the more refreshing. That is why cooling watermelon is best eaten in the summertime.
• United States
18 Jun 11
I guess because it is just so natural and unaltered. There is nothing better, to me, than going out to my garden and picking some strawberries that I grew myself, and washing them and eating them. Garden fruits are the purest of all, and you know that they have not been touched by any chemicals.
@moneywinner (1864)
• Brazil
18 Jun 11
Because there are some fruits there are full of water. There are plenty of these type of fruits, like watermelon, grapes and mangoes. I love to put watermelon and melon on the freezer for a couple of hours then mixed them together in a fruit salad. It's the best thing to eat on the hot days.