Suicide? Why?

United States
June 18, 2011 2:49pm CST
Shocking news on headline, a mother burn herself to death and the sad thing is that she's bringing her two little children along with her. What kind of madness is this, she's giving up just like that and bring innocent child to death. this is reality, and its painful enough just to hear it. Why this things keep coming, more and more people commit suicide just to end up their misery. Doesn't there a better way to solve problems? rather than doing these crazy ways. There will always be someone there for you, just share and cry and let all the troubles slips away. Well, i know its not as easy as it sounds, but at least we try, we'll never know if you never tell. There will always be a shoulder to cry on.
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• United States
19 Jun 11
Wow this is shocking and sad to hear. She certainly was very troubled. Though no excuse, but we do not know what was wrong and or if she had some mental disorders. It could be anything really and perhaps she had absolutely no one there for emotional support. I wish she had though as the poor kids, my gosh this is truly sad. May she and the children rest in peace.
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@didi13 (2921)
• Romania
24 Jun 11
Why do people go to end their lives? Be a point or following a spontaneous thought that he seeks in time to the achievement of the act? I do not know ... But yesterday's news prompted me to write this article ... I was surprised to learn that three men tried to end their days, two of them swallowing rat poison and petrol and the other stabbing is the reason that children can not provide food daily. I understand doctors' prognosis is reserved for the three patients. Could this be solving problems? Certainly not!
@surekharathi (14146)
• India
19 Jun 11
Ohhhh no sad really how cruel a mother. Really I dont understand why God gives child those women who not care of their child. Even a problem may be big she can go mother's house and left her husband. What is the importance of child those women can know who has no child. Yes friend I also no it is not easy but at least should try but now I observed dying cases are increasing day by day. Even a child also take this step if he/she failed in exams, some words tell by mother etc. But this is not fair. I want to suggest all mylotter friend really human life is get only once so dont waste it.
@moneywinner (1864)
• Brazil
18 Jun 11
That's a really sad history. I think that most of the times on this type of cases, they don't have someone there for them. Usually, they come from a troubled family with no family stability so they had to grown on their own. Perhaps in this case, the mother decided to bring her sons with her because she didn't want they suffer from the same thing that she been through.