mutual funds

June 18, 2011 5:11pm CST
does anyone know anything about mutual funds?i want to invest to this but i dont have enough knowledge.
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@exkrima (291)
• Philippines
7 Aug 11
As far as I know mutual funds is where the money is being pooled, if you invest your money will be part of other investors and it will be put in the stock market, there are different types of mutual funds, there is bond, equity, money market,balance fund, etc. you just have to know what kind of risk you can do each of the type of mutual fund there is a low risk and high risk, and there are some medium risk. Hope it helps, Safety and Peace!
• India
16 Jul 11
A mutual fund is a kind of investing option where you do not buy shares or commodities directly but the fund manager does it for you. Generally a single mutual fund contains 50 + stocks and it may also have investments in the debts schemes. It is wise to invest in mutual funds then directly to the stock market. Systematic investment plan(SIP) is the best way to invest in the mutual funds.