being a student?

June 19, 2011 1:37am CST
how are you as a student?
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• Philippines
21 Jun 11
I would say that I'm an average student.I can do my assignments and projects well.My exams and quizzes in school are good.But sometimes I am late in discussion and that is my weakness.I'm also lazy when it comes to studying I only study if their are quizzes,exams or when I am ask by my instructor to report a certain topic.I participate in the class less so my grades are not really excellent but not that bad also.
@kiuhkj (117)
• China
20 Jun 11
Carefully listening to the teacher when the class lectures, work earnestly, and actively develop understanding of extra-curricular knowledge.
@jayrene (2708)
• Philippines
19 Jun 11
id consider myself an above average as a student. Im not a genius but I am not dumb. I seldom review for exams, but i get good grades. One of my problems though is sometimes when a teacher is boring, i get lazy attending the subject. but if professors are interesting, and talks interestingly, teach good, it gets me interested to study more and attend classes regularly.
• India
19 Jun 11
being a student i think even i would rate myself as a average student because many times i fail to do my duties on time. but being student the most important thing i think is the approach and the optimistic behaviour which eventually gives us success. :)
@jmana02 (57)
• Philippines
19 Jun 11
I think... I should say I'm that intelligent but I can comply the requirements of my professor. And I'm a friendly student....