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United States
June 19, 2011 4:13pm CST
an object of masss 8kg slides down a line of greatest slope of sn inclined plane . its initial speed at the top of the plane is 3m/s and its speed at the bottom of the plane is 8m/s . the work done against the resistance to motion of the object is 120j . find the height of the top of the plane above the level of the bottom ? please help me with that , i'm kinda sucking hard !!!!!!
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• Australia
21 Jun 11
Loss in G.P.E= Gain in kinetic energy + reistance to motion 8x10xh = .5x8x(8^2-3^2)+120 h = (.5x8x(8^2-3^2)+120)/8x10 solve it using a calculator and you will get you answer.
• United States
21 Jun 11
thank you very much dude :)))
• Australia
22 Jun 11
You are welcome :)
• Sri Lanka
23 Jan 12
We were doing these sums in Grade 8 and cannot remember much now. But this is an answer calculated from a standard and common formula. For instance I never forget formulas like V^2=u^2+2fs, where V is the final speed, u is the initial speed, f is the gain in velocity, and s is the distance. When there is an incline you have to use Tan, Cos and Sine to see the relative vertical distance of the inclined fall.