Flowers Of Different Colors.....

June 21, 2011 5:50am CST
how a plant produces flowers of different colors ? I.e. There is one rose, and so many colors of rose flowers. How to make a plant to produce flowers of different colors ? What this process called ? Actually i have vinca plants. They produce flowers of pure white and light purple color. But i saw vinca flowers of dark red and dark purple color over internet. How i make my vinca plant to grow the flowers me dark red and purple colors ?
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@ozarkcat (43)
• United States
29 Jun 11
As has been mentioned, you can graft in those colors to your existing plant. Usually when you see a different color, it's because at some point in history, someone had a chimera, or mutation, show up on a plant or out of a seed stock as a different colored flower, and then cultivated that difference; as an example, seeds from a red rose produced a plant with white roses, which was preserved to keep that color genetics going forward.
• Guam
29 Jun 11
Called Grafting. For an example I will use the Bogainvillae. I'm not sure of the spelling but bear with me. The Bouganvillae family all look the same except in flower colors. Each kind of Boganvillae makes just one kind of flower. I have seen Boganvillae plants with more than one kind of flower because of grafting. First you take a good, healthy, strong branch from one plant, by cutting it. Make the cut area smooth... With the tree you want to placed that cut branch, you have to make another cut big enough to place the branch into the tree. Make it fit as perfect as possible. Now place a some kind of splint to keep the branch steadily placed into the tree with some soil placed onto the new joint, not inside the cut. Wrap it. I suggest you use some kind of strong plastic. I have done this before. Remember, you can use two completely diffent plants...NOt a mango tree and think the mango branch will grow on an apple tree. You can only do grafting with trees that are similar. Apple trees that have different colors but similar shape and size. Mango trees, etc. Take care.