NASA Face in Space program - I got the certification

NASA face in space - My certification of face in space from NASA
@qianyun6 (2067)
June 25, 2011 8:24am CST
NASA held an interesting activity about one year ago. It allows you to sent your photo with their spacecrafts. What you have to do is only upload a photo with your face to their site. After the space mission finished, you can download a certification from NASA site. Here's the details from their official site: [i]NASA wants to put a picture of you on the final space shuttle mission and launch it into orbit. To launch your face into space and become a part of history, just follow these steps: First...Select the Participate button at the bottom of this page and upload your image/name, which will be flown aboard the space shuttle. Don't have a picture to upload? No problem, just skip the image upload and we will fly your name only on your selected mission! Next...Print and save the confirmation page with your flight information. Later...Return to this site after launch to print your Flight Certificate - a commemorative certificate signed by the Mission Commander. You can also check on mission status, view mission photographs, link to various NASA educational resources and follow the commander and crew on Twitter or Facebook.[/i] I participant the project a year ago. At that time, they provided two missions to choose. I chose STS-133. At first the mission was planned to launch at 2010 summer, but it delayed again and again, from Oct 2010 to Jun 2011. I love space exploring, at first I had lots of zest for it so I checked their site weekly. But so much "mission delays" exhausted my passion that I almost forgot it. Several days ago I suddenly recalled it so I went to the official site and got this finally: (attached picture)
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