Are you making part time job money?

United States
June 25, 2011 2:12pm CST
My goal is to make at least enough money to be equal to a part time job, and I've been working at it for years, and I am finally getting a little closer. Of course, not with Mylot, that's impossible. But I used to work for a boss in India writing articles, but I recently found out that he was making 10 bucks for an article and only paying me 2.50. I realized that my work is worth more than I thought, so I am looking for more ways to use my skills. Also, I am trying to buy wholesale dresses to sell on eBay. Then I want to open a Prostore, though, it would cost 30 bucks a month, so I am doing that later, when I have more inventory to sell.
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25 Jun 11
Yes, I earn a part-time wage online, from writing. It varies every week depending on how much work my clients have for me but I reckon it average at about $200 per week. Sometimes it gets stupidly busy (like right now) and that can double, but then I have to try to find the time to do the work around other responsibilities...!!
@akp100 (13486)
• India
26 Jun 11
That's good that you are thinking to start something your own. And I am sure you will get success from it. Personally I am not in online earning since long. But still I have started liking writing online. I am not in much sites. Mylot is the my first one and then I have started blogging too. And its quite cool. Its really like part time job as I can do it whenever i gets time from my offline work.
• Pakistan
26 Jun 11
mine main focus is on studies, and i work because its my passion........... i love the fact when my university mates take me as their inspirations because i m good in studies,social,doing couple of jobs like i work in fm menchester and few online jobs......and find some more jobs as well...
@adex19 (114)
• Malaysia
26 Jun 11
woo you are really doing a lot of work. it not easy to make money on the internet .their are a lot of way people use to make money on the internet but all this way are not easy it require a lot of time and effort. i just hope you will not work in vein. i hope you make that type of money you are looking for.
@GemmaR (8521)
25 Jun 11
I am making money online, but I wouldn't say that it is quite as much as I would earn if I was in a formal part time job. It will be in the future, certainly, but just not quite yet. I am spending a lot of time just building up my business at the moment, and setting up a business plan. I am almost certain that I will soon be able to earn enough to be the same as a part time job. I am only working two of my many business ideas at the moment but I am confident that I will be able to work a couple more of them once I graduate from university this time next year.
@oscar6 (1939)
• United States
25 Jun 11
Yes, I make enough money a week to equate to a part time job. That is if I put some effort into my online sites. If I dont then I only make 18-30 dollars, hardly enough to live off of. However, in the past five days I have made over 120 dollars writing articles. I would consider this better than the part time job I used to have. I would only work a couple hours a week.