Had a terrible fight with my roommate

June 26, 2011 5:16am CST
We had a deal last night, we sort of divide the task to clean the whole apartment. Great deal but ended in a huge fight. I've done my chores to clean the bathroom, the sink and the cabinets. But when she saw me sitting in the corner she got pissed off. I told her she should not be mad for I clean my assigned task and I'm done. She keeps on complaining that there are still chores to be done. I didn't mind her then but when she throw up the charger of my laptop at my back I suddenly lose control and I was able to kicked her. As I remember it took 2 seconds throwing punches to both sides, slaping, yelling and furiously mad. Now I can felt muscle pain and my roommate is still not here after she walked out. I'm planning to look for another apartment cause I couldn't take it her attitude anymore. Like I was the only one who patiently understanding her but this is too much it's a physical abuse knowing that she is bigger than me.
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@gaiza12 (4885)
• Philippines
12 Sep 11
It's a very good choice looking for another apartment to lessen the tension between you two. It's hard that the fight may even get worse because of you are still too hot tempered and that the fight was still too recent. You may try to laugh out with this after a period of time. So just take time away from each other for now.
@jayrene (2712)
• Philippines
26 Jun 11
whoa.. that is terrible. I think you should find another place to live (new room, apartment) ASAP. What will happen next after that? She shouldnt be complaining since you have already done your part and that is abuse, throwing something behind your back, what if it's something deadly next time. Oh my... move out ASAP
@laydee (12809)
• Philippines
26 Jun 11
I don't see what she was complaining about if you already did your part of the deal. Perhaps she thought that you just went through them hurriedly or you got the easy part of the deal. Anyhow, regardless, I don't think two people could really live with each other if only one is understanding or does the deal. I thin it would be easier for you if you just left, however, what if she's already looking for a new place? If I were you, I would not talk to her for now and look for my own place. Unless she apologizes because afterall it was her who started the whole thing. Have a great MyLot experience!