June 27, 2011 3:19pm CST
I've never even written a diary! Just the times when my dad would get me a new diary, generally at the start of the year, i'd write one page and make a few schedules but would hardly follow them all through! This is the very first time i'm writing whatever's comin up my mind on a website without having any known friends as such.... But, pessonally, i find it really exciting to take up a subject of your own and start exploring your mind of what you have for that...its like solving a case for the you get a clue and you investigate further and frame up a whole story! only, this is lot more secured! :P ....moreover, you get to know of what other people they can compare yourselves...get better at putting things on paper...oh..screen! :P .....
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• Canada
4 Jul 11
Haha, to me, I wouldn't know what to start a discussion on and am just trying to comment on ones already created. =)
6 Jul 11
I'm the same as you! you already must have figured that out by the first discussion i started! unorganized....irrelevant...that's how it is supposed to be right?? start out as a fresher and get better by the time...
@dlpierce (495)
• United States
27 Jun 11
Writing thoughts down not only improve your writing skills but also gives you a place to look up things you may have forgotten. Dates things happened for example.
6 Jul 11
i don't maintain a diary as such but i do keep a record of important dates n stuff....but i think maintaining a diary from now ain't a bad idea so i guess i'm gonna start doing that..thanks! :)