Would you still go to heaven?

@zenki08 (700)
June 30, 2011 1:40am CST
It is true that as long as you believe in Christ you are a Christian. But what if you believe in Christ but you do not belong to a religious group, Would you still go to heaven?
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• United States
30 Jun 11
I think as long as you accept Jesus as your personal savoir , you will go to heaven. Me? i won't make it. I believe Jesus lived and everything did happen but I'm not one of His followers.
@Adoniah (7513)
• United States
3 Jul 11
If you are an observant Jew, you will spend eternity in the presence of HaShem.
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• United States
4 Jul 11
I try my best. I am not Kosher Everyday. I don't go to Temple but I do identify myself as a Jew. It is up to G-d what happens.
• India
2 Jun 12
yes, we would.
@gjabaigar (2200)
• Philippines
30 Jun 11
Yes. To be a Christian is not always found on the Bible. To be a Christian is always found within heart, mind and soul. Love God. Love yourself. Love everyone including your enemies. And love, love, love.
@Pose123 (21635)
• Canada
1 Jul 11
Hi zenki, I was born and raised a Christian and was active in church activities for most of my life, however I no longer believe in the traditional view of heaven. I also feel that it doesn't matter if we believe in God or not or if we belong to another world religion or no religion at all. I know that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and there is a reason for everything that happens. Blessings.
@bird123 (10634)
• United States
1 Jul 11
You shouldn't worry. God isn't going to do without someone as wonderful as you.
• Canada
19 Jul 11
Of course I still go heaven! Good works and church/religions has nothing to with do with it. It's simply based on He done for us!
@ParaTed2k (22943)
• Sheboygan, Wisconsin
30 Jun 11
I'm happy to leave such questions to the only one qualified to make the decision. Christ Himself. In fact, I think that was the point about His lessons teaching us not to judge others. I don't think it had anything to do with who we choose as friends, who we trust, or who we want our kids hanging out with. I didn't pay the price for the sins of others, so I don't get to make that call.