Aim for the stars, you land on a coconut tree...

July 3, 2011 8:44am CST
A bit mystery has been of how to achieve your aim. The logic is simple. Aim higher!(or you'll dirty your shoes, sorry....pj) its said-if you aim for the stars, you land somewhere on the top of a coconut tree....
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@megamatt (14292)
• United States
3 Jul 11
An interesting saying to say the very least. However one that does make a lot of sense, for a variety of reasons. It just proves that we do need to reach for the stars in many ways, but its not going to be easy. The closer we get, the harder we can really fall in many ways. There are a lot of people who completely reach for the stars, time and time again and find themselves struggling. However, where you want to end up and where you really might end up, that is really two different things all together. We can end up in some really strange ways to say the very least. We are going to keep reaching for the stars in life but we can really end up in a coconut tree or who knows where else. That is the perils of reaching to the highest heights. It could lead to good things, but it could also lead to trouble.
• India
3 Jul 11
Thanks for your comment. BY that saying, i only meant that aim higher than where you want to reach....have a nice day!
@soulist (2985)
• United States
30 Aug 11
I always try to aim high so that I may reach my goals. Even if I dont achieve my highest goals, I will still achieve something that will bring me closer to my dreams and that makes me happy.
@mykmari_08 (2464)
• Philippines
3 Jul 11
Hi there. I also have heard of another saying or cliche locally, which goes something like this: "Think to top, try to top... If you fail, you still pass." This is appropriately associated with studying and passing the exams. It means that if one student tries his best to excel in all subjects in his or her class, but fails to be the top student, he or she still passes; even though he or she won't get the top student award. Anyway, it's great to have a goal and strive hard to meet that goal. Dreams cost nothing but can inspire us so much to push ourselves to our limits. Regards.