Don't you rate work over health!

July 3, 2011 8:55am CST
When it comes to work and health, we often ignore health and get busy to complete work late night and an incomplete breakfast in the morning, tension gripped day...what do you choose?
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• Netherlands
3 Jul 11
I used to choose work over everything. I worked late, came in early and did stuff at home at night. This went well for a while. Got promoted, got a car and offcourse the financialcompensation is nice. However after 7 years or so. The company were I worked just did not make it anymore and then all of a sudden it was all gone. No car, no job. Then I realised that I also had no life anymore. Everything was dedicated to my job and I did not realise until it was gone. I got a breakdown, de doctor said I had been overworking and did not care for my body enough. Just ignored the signs and kept going to work. Now that was not possible and I broke down. I will never ever choose the job above health anymore. Now I have my friends back, got my own car and I have a life.
• India
3 Jul 11
Health is the real wealth...your life proves it. Thank you for sharing with me.
@jmangila (91)
• Philippines
4 Jul 11
It's better to prioritize your health than your work. You can't function properly if your sick physically. All the money that you earned will just spend for medicine. So we should take good care of our health for its the only instrument to get a better job and a better life...