aggresssive saleman

United States
July 5, 2011 1:27am CST
recently somebody knocks on my door but i didn't knew it was his reply was this the way your mother teach you not to open the door i was shocked when this aggressive saleman made his comment my reply was you are trespassing on my property before i call the police .
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5 Jul 11
The worst one I had was a guy collecting for the Red Cross. He introduced himself and his very next line was "Do you want me to take my shoes off before coming in?" I simply told him I wasn't going to let him in, said goodbye and immediately emailed the Red Cross to tell them his name, the date, the time and how annoyed I was. I got an email a couple of days later that "he had been dealt with". Around here, door-to-door people need to register with the police, I believe, because we've had so many scammers. One phone call and it's goodbye, salesman!
@anklesmash (1412)
5 Jul 11
Im quite lucky that i still look quite young,when salespeople call round they don't usually try and sell me anything they usually just ask me if my Mum or Dads in and when i say they are not in the salesperson usually goes away.There is no need for salespeople to be agressive it dosent to the companies image any good i know if an agressive sales person came to my door it would put me off buying anything from that company in the future.
@Awinds (2468)
• United States
5 Jul 11
In what fashion was he aggressive? Did he try to enter your home without permission? Did he stay and go on and on about his magical product? Salesmen can be aggressive, but not all of them are. Some are just annoying, others rude and still more polite. I can pretty much say that what you experienced is the exception to the rule - at least it is where I live. Let us hope that the next salesmen you receive is far more gracious. :)